Songs by Schubert

Songs by Schubert

2013 | Wigmore Hall Live

Ian Bostridge (tenor)


From the wild energy of Der Strom to the rapt contemplation of the sublime Die Sterne , this varied and sensitively crafted programme explores a great range of psychological insights in the composer s Lieder. Ian Bostridge’s eloquent feeling for words and music in Schubert, developed and refined over more than two decades, runs deep. His acclaimed interpretations strike a balance between the formal craft and concision of Schubert s writing and its parallel qualities of spiritual vision and philosophical reflection. Bostridge’s Wigmore Hall Schubert series will continue in May 2014 and Season 2014/15.

Track Listing
1. Der Strom, D565,
2. Auf der Donau, D553,
3. Lied eines Schiffers an die Dioskuren, D360
4. Nachtstuck, D672,
5. Viola, D786,
6. Abendstern, D806,
7. Gondelfahrer, D808
8. Auflosung, D807
9. Widerschein, D949,
10. Alinde, D904,
11. Rastlose Liebe, D138,
12. Geheimes, D719,
13. Versunken, D715
14. Der Winterabend, D938,
15. Die Sterne, D939,
16. Strophe aus Die Gotter Griechenlands , D677
17. Encores: An den Mond, D259,
18. Spoken introduction, An den Mond, D296

“Drake is in every way a superb partner.” – The BBC Music Magazine