Liszt: The Complete Songs, Vol. 3

Liszt: The Complete Songs, Vol. 3

2015 | Hyperion

Gerald Finley (bass-baritone)


A third volume in Hyperion’s Complete Liszt Songs cycle warmly welcomes to the series maestro Gerald Finley. The songs themselves encompass everything from finely honed miniatures to big-boned epics of tragic import, and these compelling performances elicit from the multi-award-winning pairing of Finley and Julius Drake a sense of paced drama and pathos which is rarely matched.

Track Listing
  1. Morgens Steh' Ich Auf Und Frage, S290
  2. Ein Fichtenbaum Steht Einsam, S309
  3. Anfangs Wollt' Ich Fast Verzagen, S311
  4. Weimars Toten, S303
  5. Wer Nie Sein Brot Mit Tränen Ass, S297
  6. Benedetto Sia 'L Giorno
  7. Pace Non Trovo
  8. I' Vidi in Terra Angelici Costumi
  9. Die Fischerstochter, S325
  10. Und Wir Dachten Der Toten, S338
  11. Die Vätergruft, S281
  12. Gastibelza, 'Bolero', S286
  13. La Tombe Et La Rose, S285
  14. Le Vieux Vagabond, S304
  15. Go Not, Happy Day, S335

“The standard of the songs is impressively high…Julius Drake shines in all of them.” – Gramophone Editor’s Choice