Janáček: The Diary of One Who Disappeared

Janáček: The Diary of One Who Disappeared


2019 | Hyperion

Nicky Spence (tenor), Václava Housková (mezzo), VOICE, Victoria Samek (clarinet)


Like many of Janáček’s late masterpieces, the genesis of the ‘Diary’ is unseparable from its composer’s intense, obsessional love for Kamila Stösslová. A song-cycle like no other, here it’s the main work in a recital which showcases the extraordinary talents of Nicky Spence, Václava Housková and the vocal trio Voice.

Track Listing

Janáček: The Diary of One Who Disappeared

One Day I Met A Gypsy Girl

That Black-Eyed Gypsy

Twilight Glow-Worms

Already Swallows

Weary Work

Hey There, My Tawny Oxen

I’ve Got a Loose Axle

Don’t Look

Welcome, My Handsome One

God All-Powerful

From The Ripening Cornfield

Forest’s Shady Height

Intermezzo Erotico

See How High The Sun Is

Now My Tawny Oxen

What Has Come Over Me?

Who Can Escape His Fate?

Nothing Matters Now

See That Thieving Magpie

Have I A Beauty

Father, How Wrong You Were

Then Farewell

Janáček: Ríkadla

The Mole Creeps

Karel Rode Off

Franta The Knacker’s Son

I’m Giving A Little Talk

Ho, Ho, Off Go The Cows

A White Goat’s Picking Pears

Vasek, Pasek

Frantík, Frantík

Janáček: Moravian Folk Poetry In Songs


Heat From My Love


Who’s The Posy For?






The Posy




“Spence is prized for his operatic Janacek roles and delivers a wide variety of tone, while Drake adds quasi-orchestral drama to the piano part. The makeweight works are welcome, revealing the composer’s roots in Czech and Moravian tradition.” – The Sunday Times