Fear No More

Fear No More

2024 | Delphian 

Brindley Sherratt (Bass)


Brindley Sherratt’s pre-eminence as an operatic bass is the result of two daring career shifts. Initially trained as a trumpeter, he gave up his first instrument as a student to become a singer. Yet even then, it was only in his mid-thirties that he left the professional security of a position in the BBC Singers to explore the world of opera.

Now, the voyage of discovery continues as Sherratt turns to the intimate medium of the song recital. With the superb pianist Julius Drake as collaborator, in Fear No More Sherratt draws on all of his accumulated technical and expressive wisdom to traverse death-haunted songs by Schubert, Mussorgsky and Richard Strauss before arriving at a final group of five twentieth-century English songs in which consolation and acceptance are the keynotes.

Track Listing

1 Fahrt Zum Hades, D526
2 Der Schiffer, D536
3 L’incanto Degli Occhi, D902, No. 1
4 Auf Der Donau, D553
5 Der Tod Und Das Mädchen, D531
6 Im Spätboot
7 Lullaby
8 Serenade
9 Trepak (Russian Dance)
10 Field Marshal
11 Sea-fever
12 Fear No More the Heat O’ the Sun
13 By a Bierside
14 Limehouse Reach
15 Captain Stratton’s Fancy

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