Schubert - Lieder Volume 2

Schubert – Lieder Volume 2

2001 | Warner Classics

Ian Bostridge (tenor)

Track Listing

Schubert: Lied eines Schiffers an die Dioskuren D360 (Mayrhofer)

Schubert: Nachtstück, D672 (Mayrhofer)

Schubert: Auf der Donau, D553 (Mayrhofer)

Schubert: Abendstern, D806

Schubert: Auflösung, D807

Schubert: Geheimes, D719 (Goethe)

Schubert: Versunken D715 (Goethe)

Schubert: Schäfers Klagelied, D.121

Schubert: An die Entfernte, D765 (Goethe)

Schubert: Am Flüsse


A truly memorable experience. The first half of the programme is divided between settings of Mayrhofer and Goethe, two poets who drew the very best out of Schubert. Bostridge responds to this inspiration with singing that’s worthy of the pieces both in terms of silvery, poised tone and inflection of the text. Such musing songs as Nachtstück, Abendstern, Geheimes, Versunken and An die Entfernte are delivered in that peculiarly plangent tone of the tenor’s which causes his audiences to tremble in admiration.
Using vibrato, verbal emphases, pianissimos and floated touches to quite magical yet seemingly spontaneous effect, these songs, and many others receive near-ideal performances. Only in the rough-hewn Willkommen und Abschied would perhaps a heavier voice, a baritone rather than a tenor, be preferable. Bostridge enthusiasts will lap up this wonderful issue; so ought all lovers of Schubert Lieder. Bostridge need fear no comparison with other great interpreters of these songs. The admirable recording catches voice and piano in ideal balance.