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Still processing all the amazing music making I heard last night at two premium @OxfordLieder concerts. A truly visceral Diary of one who Disappeared with @tobyspence @juliusdrake followed by revelations³ from Wigglesworth, Bevan, Barron, @NickPritch89 et al. Bravo one and all.

This is about to be live on the radio, but also available later it seems, @AliceCoote @juliusdrake with Schubert, Elgar etc. and the Danish announcement is already making my evening

The piano enters the stage ....
@wienerstaatsoper #kirchschlager #schubert

It’s not everyday you do a recital in one of the worlds great opera houses ... @wienerstaatsoper #angelikakirchschlager

Day 12 of #100tracks is with the amazing @juliusdrake again, a marvellous musical partner, tireless in seeking the best in the pieces we play. This is movement 2 of Koechlin’s astonishing Sonata, Dance des Faunes. Demonic and manic!

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