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ALERT. Ok, I’ve been Mr Nice-guy about this but now I need your ATTENTION people. You need to make actions louder than words and sign this petition. GET ON AND DO IT. And retweet to everyone and hector them too. #everychildamusician

Check out @allmusic review of @juliusdrake's latest volume in his series of Liszt Complete Songs @hyperionrecords Volume 5 featuring Allan Clayton @fatboyclayton receives an #EditorsChoice -

@ndanielmusic @juliusdrake So proud of both of you and wonderful to stand along side you .. love you two ❤️❤️

Heartfelt and serene #SilentNight in French, German, English at #Parliament yesterday with @spconnolly @NicoleTibbels @juliusdrake @mcmezzo @CDLemmings @SODEMAction #Brexit #PeoplesVote. Reporter from @DeutscheWelle welled up!

@AliceCoote It was awesome to see you, @spconnolly @juliusdrake on German news singing against Brexit. Much appreciated.

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